"Fast Flowing River" textile wall hanging

Hand dyed felt ropes woven into a small bowl

Felt vessel

Felt vessel

Red nuno felt scarf (custom order)

"Stags Rutting at Sunset" felt wall hanging

Hand dyed silk and felt cuff

Felt vessel
Abstract felt and textiles

Hand dyed felted cotton with machine embroidery

Hand dyed felt with machine embroidery

Hand dyed felt and textiles

Felt and textiles with machine embroidery
Hand dyed and felted silk journal cover

Shibori dyed and felted journal cover
Hand dyed felt "orchid" brooch

Felt "peekaboo" bag

Felt "pink pea pod" bag
Hand dyed "pomegranate" brooch

"Seedpod" brooch

Hand dyed "starfish" brooch

Merino and Gotland felted slippers

Hand dyed brooch
Red nuno felted scarf (custom order)

Radial sculpture (lamp shade)

Hand dyed felt pod

Hand dyed felt sculpture

Felted scarf

Felted silk and Blue Faced Leicester brown cloche hat 

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