Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A couple more hats...

I finished a couple more hats today, I think these will be the last for Weyfest as I am out "third manning" with the ambulance service tomorrow as part of community first responder CPD. I plan to do some more felting on Friday but doubt it will be dry in time to take to Weyfest on Saturday.

A bit more conventional than the last batch aren't they?

Thank you all for your suggestions of what animal this hat might be:

Believe it or not I had a fox in mind when I started it, just goes to show I should always refer to photos ;o)

It was interesting that your opinions closely followed the split in my household - I thought it looked like a donkey while Mr TB thought it was a deer. Some of the suggestions for the monster/frog hat were a bit off the wall though - green squirrels?!! :o)

I finally got around to framing a couple of pieces today as well, I'm pleased with how these turned out and I still have another piece of dyed felt so will probably make a third hanging... something else to add to the ever growing to-do list!

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  1. Your framed pieces are absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Fantastic pictures! Very beautiful! How have you made so many uniformed shapes?
    The hats are very good as well, I love green one! You've been very busy!

    1. thank you :) They were all cut free hand and if you look closely you can see they are all slightly different sizes and shapes.