Sunday, 16 November 2014

Give Aways!!

To promote the launch of my new Facebook page I have decided to offer the chance to win a £20 (approx 30USD) voucher to spend in my Etsy shop as a thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word. I will hold the prize draw when the number of likes reaches 100. It has already reached 13 with no promotion so I'm hopeful it will get to 100 within a couple of weeks and the lucky winner can use their voucher for a Christmas splurge.

To enter all you need to do is:

  1. like my FB page (click here)
  2. Share the "Give Away!!" post on your FB timeline
The winner will be drawn at random when it reaches 100 likes. GOOD LUCK!!

And another Give Away - are offering 10 of their favourite textile art books for free, just follow this link to enter.

Onto more woolly matters... ;)

This is the finished "sea creature" bowl I posted a picture of last time, I used the dyeing technique in this tutorial to created the colour graduations. The bowl was made using a combination of multi-layered resists, adding flaps of prefelt and stitching during the felting process. It was a bit of an experiment to put all 3 techniques together so I'm really happy that it has turned out so well.

I confess I made this scarf a couple of weeks ago but have only just found time to photograph it, it is some rainbow dyed habouti 5 silk with merino nuno accents. The silk catches the light beautifully but you will have to take my word for that - I just can't seem to get sheen or metallic shine to show up in photos - can you?

The show at the Rural Life Museum was fun but not particularly lucrative, but all the other traders were lovely and there were some really interesting customers including one lady who my heart went out to; she struggled to find gifts for her overly discerning (and IMHO ungrateful) mother so had changed tack and was now buying gifts that she would like to receive in the hope that it would be regifted back to her. I think she has the patience of a saint, I don't know that I would tolerate that sort of behaviour - I certainly wouldn't continue to buy gifts for them!


  1. Teri - best of luck on your promotional efforts. Hopefully, it will bear fruit for you. The sea creature pod is wonderful and I love the colors of the scarf. Yes, photography is a challenge especially trying to get sheen/shininess to show.

    Sorry the show wasn't very lucrative. I think you should start looking for galleries to carry your work. You will be able to charge more and it's less work :)

    1. Thanks Ruth, the followers to my FB page have already reached 21 so with a little luck it will start to snow ball - thank you so much for your help in getting things started, I really appreciate it :)

      At least I didn't lose money at the show (I was paying 10% of my takings to the guild) and I had a fun day out so no regrets :)

      You are the second person to recommend galleries... being a gallery owner yourself I might just pick your brains on the forum! ;)

  2. I love, love, love that bowl!

    Photographing is always a challenge for me as well, especially if you're trying to get that sparkle. The scarf is lovely. I agree with Ruth about looking for galleries.

    Even if the sales weren't great, it had to be a good experience to build on.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, my spinners guild has a professional photographer running a workshop next year so I will have to ask them how they get sparkle in their photos... will let you know if she says anything useful :)

    2. If you get some info you could also do a blog for the forum about. Just let one of us know.