Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year New Goals

I can't believe we are already 3 days into 2015.... so I am already late setting my new goals; not the most auspicious start! :)

My first 2 goals are essentially carried over from last year but they really worked for me so I will carry on with those with just some small edits.
  1. Post to my blog at least once per week and to Facebook twice per week
  2. Maintain at least 90 listings on Etsy
  3. Attend at least 2 workshops with other feltmakers to further develop my felting repertoire
  4. Start teaching felt making
Number 2 is an interesting one for me, as we approached Thanksgiving last year I set myself a target of having 90 items listed in my Etsy shop and I noticed a significant increase in sales soon after (not difficult to achieve, you might think, given that I had only sold 8 pieces in the 13 months prior). Initially I put the sales spurt down to a Christmas rush but I have had 5 more sales since Christmas (I'm still bouncing round the house with joy that other people like my work! :) ) so it can't just be people buying Crimbo presents.

Number 3 is a bit of a cheat since I have already signed up for a hat making class with Judit Pocs (I am so excited I can barely sit still) and I already have an idea of what I would like to do for the second one (more on that once it has been confirmed). But I do think it is important to keep learning from each other and expanding our horizons.

Number 4 is still just a handful of seeds in my mind, a few people have suggested I write a tutorial and I have ideas for at least 3 but the new EU VAT rules that came into force on January 1st put a spanner in those plans for a while but after much reading and networking I think there may be a work-around if I email the tutorials (it still isn't clear if ALL the EU countries will agree this is acceptable). I also like the idea of doing some face-to-face teaching although it scares the hell out of me! There is a studio near me that runs a variety of workshops but as far as I can see felting is not on their menu, so I have plans to go and have a chat with the owner.... watch this space :)

I hope you have been taking a few days from your day job and have found time to be creative over the last week or so?  I have been having a whale of a time, here are a few images of the things I have been working on:

A pair of fingerless gloves to match my felt jacket:

Another pair of fingerless gloves with silk hankies for decoration:

A couple of nuno felt scarves:

A black-widow spider inspired cape - in this photo it looks more like a dangerous creature from the deep :)

Rolling the tassels for the fringes took forever, I am so glad it is now finished and busy drying!

A new nuno felt top for me :)

layout of the silk over a resist

layout of wool over the silk

I plan to wear this next week - will try to get a photo of it on, seeing it laid flat on a table under artificial lights really doesn't do it any justice...

What have you been up to over Christmas? Have you made any resolutions or set goals for 2015? I hope your start to 2015 had been great and reflects how the rest of 2015 will pan out.

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  1. Gorgeous work and ambitious goals Teri! :-)

  2. Thanks Marillyn :), hopefully my goals are achievable, they will just need a bit of work

  3. Setting goals is a good idea - I'm convinced it helps productivity.

    I love all the pieces you've done. Such a variety of beauty!

  4. I think you will be a great teacher. I love doing local classes, it's hard work but fun. Congrats on your sales, your work is wonderful and I'm glad that people are finding it :)

  5. I agree with Ruth, you'd be a great teacher! About the EU VAT thing, I can't see it lasting without a threshold, or if so, the rules change in 2016 anyway, so it'll be on everything regardless of digital/physical/ how it's sent, so you may as well try now while there is still some ways of working around it (online workshops being another thing).
    I love your wrap/cape, that photo would make nice artwork.

    1. Thanks Zed, I really hope they bring in a VAT threshold before they start including physical items or I will have to close up shop altogether :(

  6. The black widow cape is beautiful. I love those colors. Wishing you the best in 2015.

  7. Thank you Angie. Best wishes to you too :)

  8. You're on a roll! That is a great way to start the New Year! 90 listings on Etsy should be a fine and perfect starting point for you to work with. It gives buyers a pretty strong impression that you've got a lot of good things in store, and that you have the resources with which to back that up. That's bound to make people pay attention. Which hopefully converts to more buyers. Good luck!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest