Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Snowy night (in June?!)

This feels very strange. Posting a hanging of icicles and snow in the middle of June, but like so much I have done this year it has taken me 6 months to see it through to completion. This piece was "conceived" when I noticed some icicles hanging from a roof last November and was "born" in January when I started work on it. Every so often I would bring it out of the UFO box, decide it needed something else but unsure what, put it back into the box.

Here it is before de-tangling all the icicles...

Last week I added a couple of windows, I think the yellow and the orange in them helps to balance out all the blue.

I also added a star using some silvery thread to the top right but can't decide if I should add a few more (smaller ones) to "lead the eye" around the hanging, what do you think? Maybe some machine quilting on the sky? What would you do?

The fishy hanging is now dry too, I added some machine embroidery and silver Markal paint to the lower half but I still fee the reef needs a bit more definition, perhaps some splashes of red and orange?

And finally, a little teaser of some chiffon scarves I have been working on:


  1. I think the silver star and windows do balance it, but perhaps some clouds in the sky with machine stitching? Nothing heavy.

    I agree the reef needs more definition. Some flowing plants from the bottom?

    I'm intrigued by the silk scarves.

  2. I love the texture on the fish hanging - couldn't see it that clearly on the forum - it's perfect!

  3. Lovely fish thing! I do like it! Can't wait to see the scarf!

  4. Both pieces are great…..thanks for sharing them!!!!

  5. I think the icicle piece is complete. I like it the way it is. The fishies may need a little bit deeper value on the bottom part??