Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rainbow dyed prefelt

Life has been a little chaotic over the last week or so with very little room for creativity, all I have managed to do is a little bit of rainbow dyeing but I am hoping to make my first pair of felt slippers this weekend...

These are a couple of pieces of rainbow dyed prefelts:

Some rainbow dyed silk hankies, some of which I hope to use on a scarf for a friend (more on that next week), she chose the pink / orange ones in the top left:

This is the piece of ice-dyed felt from a few weeks ago, I used some of the purple prefelt to needle felt "shards" onto the surface before fulling. I had intended this to be a book cover but now realise I haven't left enough felt to the side of the purple shards for the flap, it might have to become a gadget case instead...

1 comment:

  1. I haven't gotten much done this week either. Can't wait to see the slippers. I want to make some too :) I love the last piece with the purple design. It will look great as a gadget case. All your other dye pieces are quite delicious too.