Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dagmar Binder Workshop and Hawk Conservancy

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend of felting with Dagmar Binder in North Devon. The group of ladies attending this workshop were amazing, so helpful, friendly and great inspiration for bouncing ideas off each other. Here are a selection of the samples we made using Dagmar's technique that relies quite heavily on prefelt and a lot of consideration given to the arrangement of fibres during layout.

We were very fortunate with the weather too, we had sunny days and beautiful sunsets, these pictures were taken near Georgeham, one of many picture-postcard style villages in the area.

We made a stop at the Hawk Conservancy near Andover (just down the road from Stone Henge) on the way home, we weren't really expecting too much (I have an aversion to seeing animals in cages, even when it is in the name of conservation) but we were blown away by the experience. There are lots of opportunities to get up close with the birds and during the displays you can expect your hair to be ruffled by their wing tips as they fly so close. I took hundreds of photos, these are just a few of my favourites.

Mr TB with Delta the Barn Owl
Duck! No, it's a vulture....

Black Kites

We will definitely be going back for another visit... :)


  1. Looks like an interesting class. The bird shots are wonderful!

    1. Dagmar's class wasn't quite as I expected but I did pick up a couple of useful points. My bird photos were just taken on an iphone, makes me wonder what can be achieved with a better camera...

  2. Fantastic photos and the workshop looks good too. Your last pieces for your C and G course look really accomplished - think you'll have done very, very well.

  3. Classes are sometimes not quite what you expect them to be, but if you had an enjoyable day then it was worth going.
    Wonderful photos of the birds - amazing that they were taken on a phone! I would love to have seen that display.

    1. Thanks Lyn. The birds were amazing, if you find yourself near Stone Henge they are definitely worth spending a day there.