Monday, 22 September 2014

Fiona Duthie Surface Design Workshop

I signed up for Fiona Duthie's online suface design workshop a few weeks and it started last week and I have to say I am loving it! Although many of the techniques we have covered so far are already familiar to me, Fiona has some quirky suggestions for how to use the techniques that I am finding very refreshing and stimulating. It looks like we will be covering 2 or 3 techniques each week and coming to the end of week 2 I am loving combining the different techniques in new ways.

While I don't feel it would be fair to Fiona to share the actual techniques here I think it is ok to show some of the results....

I plan to add some stitching to this piece to highlight the setting sun on the left and make the foreground look more like a beach.

I still need to do quite a lot of needle-felting details onto the turtle's head and legs and I will add more texture to the "rock" with some stitching but am pleased with how this piece is coming along.


  1. Wonderful pieces Teri! I especially like the turtle. Really cool :)

  2. You may remember that Marilyn and I took this class in the Spring and truly enjoyed the experience. One thing for sure is every student's work turns out differently, and that’s a good thing! It will be fun to view your work in the coming weeks. LuvsWool

    1. Hi Cathy, yes, reading yours (and other's) reviews just made me want to take this course all the more. As you say, I am learning as much from the interactions with the other students as I am from the actual course itself. As you can see it is already inspiring me to try new things :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the turtle finished. I love the colours in the first three photos!