Monday, 13 October 2014

You are cordially invited....

I spent yesterday felting with the lovely ladies from Sonning (IFA region 5) and will be taking part in their exhibition on Sunday 2nd November. If you are in the area I would love to see you there. We are also looking for fellow felters to join us for a fun day of felting once per month; if this is of interest please let me know.

I am feeling rather pleased with what I managed to complete yesterday (there was a LOT of chat about the forthcoming exhibition which ate into my felting time :) ). I have been wanting to make a felted top for a long time and finally managed it... and best of all, it actually fits!

I plan to wear this at the exhibition next month so if you want to see me modelling it you will have to come along! ;o)

I also managed to make a lattice scarf using the technique taught on Fiona Duthie's surface design course. I plan to dye this later in the week but can't decide between green / orange or blue / brown...

And finally a couple of samples from Fiona's class...
The piece on the left is destined to become a brooch while the other 2 have felt cuff written all over them.


  1. Looks like your felt making gathering was a success. Your samples are great too. Wish I was closer because I'd love to join the group :)

    1. Thanks Ruth, I would love for you to join us too, you will just have to move over the pond... :)

  2. Beautiful work Teri. Oh that lace scarf is calling for a blue green. I can't wait to see your finished pieces. Good luck at the exhibition! Love the top!

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I'm afraid I dyed the scarf last night and went with green orange but there is quite a lot of cyan from the green so it has come out more blue-green-orange so hopefully you will still approve :) I will post a pic later in the week.

  3. What a wonderful top you've made Teri !!!!!
    (you will look wonderfu; in it ! So sorry I can't
    come by ....)
    I see you enjoyed Fiona's course :-D

  4. Thank you Els, yes Fiona's class is a lot of fun :)