Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Q3 Challenge Part 2

I have been spending every spare minute working on my challenge piece, and unusually for me, I have been remembering to take lots of photos so you can follow the journey of the piece. In my last post I shared photos of the carded batts and dyed silks and yarns, well, this is story of what became of them...

Laying out a two-tone merino base

Laying out the batts over the base

Adding silk cocoons and wetting out the growing pile of fibre to regain some control before adding some strips of hand-dyed silk
I like the bumps at this stage, it's like the felt is pregnant and waiting to pop out lots of little felt babies :)

Close ups of all the lovely textures

Adding some yarns to lead the eye around the hanging

And some splashes of yellow chiffon and a few more bumps

I made some prefelts out of the left over batts and plan to incorporate those, there's still a way to go but it's definitely making progress. Unfortunately an irresistible distraction was waiting for me on the door mat this afternoon, so I'm not sure how much further it will get this evening...

And none other than our very own Lyn and Annie of Rosiepink have an article in this copy too :)


  1. Your challenge piece is looking great. If you'd like to do a blog post for the Felting and Fiber Studio blog after you're finished, let me know. I'm sure everyone would love to see the process and finished piece. Just pm me on the forum.

  2. I just love all the textures in this piece. I can't wait to see it finished. Great job Teri!