Thursday, 9 July 2015

Q3 Challenge Part 3

Before I went to bed last night I laid out some prefelt shapes made from the carded batts, and not one to waste anything, a few of the discs cut from the silk cocoons too.

I am loving the orange against the blue (I knew I would) but now I am worrying that the colours will all blend together as the piece is fulled. Thinking about it, I have unwittingly managed to include all the primary and secondary colours from the colour wheel except red, I'm quietly praying it doesn't turn into a muddy brown mess.... :(

Starting to fix the design, I rather like how the bubbles and plastic overlay the design underneath, the stark lines are created by the silk cocoon bumps.

Removing the plastic to rearrange some of the prefelts that have moved while rubbing

After lots more rubbing and a bit of throwing I gingerly opened up the cocoons, some of them had rotated so that the holes I had so neatly cut to let the dye in were no longer at the top.

I'm a little bit disappointed the edges to the orange prefelts have gone rather fuzzy (I should have made the prefelt firmer before cutting it up) but I think I can visually sharpen them back up with a bit of machine embroidery.

Some close ups of the felt while it is still drying:

I love how this cocoon produced a tail of loose silk as I opened it up:

Next time, adding some embroidery and thinking about how to hang / frame it.


  1. Very colorful and full of texture. I look forward to seeing the added machine stitch.

  2. Superb piece! I too love the way the silk dangles from the cocoon. The felt stands on its own but would also look good with machine embroidery.

  3. It's breathtaking! I love all the textures and colors!

  4. Thank you ladies - you are all too kind! :)