Saturday, 15 February 2014

My New Toy

Lately I have been working on an exhibition piece that I will need to dye. Normally this would not be a problem, I just put my felt into a vegetable steamer for 45 min to fix the dyes but this piece is way too big to fit into my steamer, in fact it is too big to fit into any of my pans either.... So I started scouring the internet for catering size pots and pans, you would not believe how much they cost!! Then I stumbled on a second hand hot water urn on ebay.... that has potential I thought, so I watched it and watched it, the price climbed, and climbed some more... £40 plus £15 postage, for a second hand urn!! You have to be kidding!!

I watched a few more, but they all went for similar amounts :o(

Then last weekend I stumbled upon this:

Isn't she beautiful? At £45 she is the most expensive piece of felting equipment I have bought to date but she is huge (30 litre capacity) and so shiny! :o) I can't bear to put her in the garage but know it will be me living in the garage if she stays in the house....

Needless to say, I have been playing with her all day, dyeing a test sample for my exhibition piece and attempting some ice-dyeing with prefelt, more on those later...


  1. She's too beautiful to put in the garage! Perhaps you could felt a large cosy so that she could hide indoors?

    1. I did (unsuccessfully) point out that her chrome and black styling matches the coffee maker and the oven but maybe some woolly camouflage is the way to go, I could hide her amongst my wool stash.... good thinking!