Monday, 3 February 2014

Shibori Conundrum

Last weekend I dyed a piece of stitched shibori silk from my craft group, to be honest I am more enamoured with the texture of the silk than the dye effect. I would really like to felt this piece so I can use it as a book cover but I am sure the texture will disappear as soon as I wet it out.

Do any of you clever people have any ideas how I might laminate this fabric without losing the texture?

I am also open to other uses for this piece of silk, it doesn't have to be book cover....?

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  1. That is beautiful, Teri! I don't have much experience with shibori but it's my understanding that you do lose the texture when you wet the fabric. What if you re-wrinkle the fabric as you're felting? In other words, felt a little, rearrange your fabric, felt, rearrange. Does that even make sense?

  2. Thanks Annette. What you suggest makes perfect sense, in fact it is sort of what I did with this fabric this afternoon, I laid out a super-fine layer of wool over the surface and then did my best to fold it back up along the shibori folds before felting it. It is drying at the moment but was at least in part successful.

    The ladies at the Felting and Fibre Studio Forum also made a couple of very good suggestions that I am following up on. Will create a post about my experiments later in the week.