Saturday, 1 February 2014

One Month Into 2104

Today is the 1st of February 2014 and this seems like a good point to take stock of the goals I set at the beginning of the year. As a reminder, here they are:

  1. dedicate more time to creative activities (I have already "bought" some extra annual leave at work that should allow me to spend 1 day every 2 weeks dedicated to felt making and other creative interests)
  2. create at least 50 good quality pieces for sale
  3. find alternative sources for selling my works, including at least 2 craft fairs and improve marketing of my work
  4. complete my City and Guilds felt making course before August
  5. post at least once per week

This is where I am today:

  1. I took 2 days leave during January and did manage to dedicate both days to being creative, my biggest worry was that I would just end up doing chores, but I was good and managed to have 2 very productive days, mostly working on my City and Guilds work.
  2. I was hoping to average at least 1 good, commercially viable piece per week, this isn't quite going to plan but I do have 4 pieces that are very nearly finished and hope to share more on those either tomorrow or Monday (I have another day off to be creative on Monday).
  3. I have been really rubbish at this one, I haven't even posted anything new on Etsy in January. In my defence I have identified a couple of local craft fairs that I plan to visit before deciding if they are worth booking a table at but I really do need to get my act together with Etsy.
  4. This is back on track, I was about a month behind after spending all of December in Hong Kong and New Zealand but having spent every spare moment in January on my course-work I am back on schedule. If I keep this up I might even finish early!
  5. I managed to post 11 times in Jan so I think I can give myself a big tick for that one :)

How are you getting on with your New Year's goals / resolutions?


  1. I love your goals, especially make 50 saleable pieces , I think I am going to adopt it. I also need to do something with my Etsy shop. Have you thought about Artybird's Box of beautiful things . I am trying to promote it. It could be another avenue worth exploring for you.

  2. Hi Jane, yes I gave serious consideration to the Box of Beautiful Things when it first opened but it is so expensive I could not justify it, especially since being so far away means I would have to pay postage and commission for anything that does sell. I decided the money would be better spent on local craft fairs. Do you have your work for sale with Kate? Have you had any success?