Friday, 5 December 2014

A new Nuno-Felted Top

Last Sunday was our monthly get together for the Sonning Common Felters. After the success (and aching muscles) of my nuno dress I really wanted to try a nuno-felted top using different decorative techniques.

I started with some rainbow dyed silk chiffon (I'm afraid I forgot to take photos but it was a mottled green, yellow and blue). I folded the chiffon over the same resist I used for the dress and laid a very fine layer of green and blue merino over the top. Over one should I laid a diamond pattern resist with more wool over the top of that.

I have added a couple of darts and some top stitching around the neckline with the sewing machine but that was all that was necessary to get the shape and fit I wanted.

I'm really pleased with how the resist has worked and am totally besotted with this electric blue wool (it is a new colour World of Wool have just started to stock). You can expect to see this making more appearances in my felt... :)

Some close-ups of the diamond pattern:

And close-ups of the chiffon peeking through the wool, it's lovely how it has puckered up as the wool shrank.

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  1. Very nice Terri. I like the different textures you achieved and the color is wonderful!

  2. The resist pattern looks so good on the shoulder. Great idea.

    1. Thanks Helen, I plan to use the diamond pattern resist again :)

  3. The blue is gorgeous and you made good use of it; the diamond shoulder creates some nice variation.

  4. It is gorgeous Teri! Love, love, love it! The texture is fabulous.

  5. Thanks Marilyn, I have just started working on a jacket with a similar design...