Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fabric Painting

I have had a brilliant couple of days creating batik style fabrics based on my cloud drawings for my City and Guilds course. I could do these all week :o)

This one is pongee silk using silk paints and gutta:

Same silk and paints but this time using the liquid wax, I think you can see the resist lines are thicker. They turned yellow when ironing the silk to fix the paint, I hope they will return to white when washed.

Liquid wax and procion dyes on silk and silk chiffon. The dyes on silk are much more pastel in colour than the same dyes on cotton.

Liquid wax on cotton muslin with procion dyes, these are my favourites, the colours are just so vibrant and juicy!

Never one to be content with just following the brief I conducted some experiments of my own too. Using the monoprinted fabric I was least enamoured with I gave it the "painting with dye" treatment and once that had dryed played with some other "toys" in my play box of fabric paints too; some 3D paint in shimmery white and bronze and some blue glitter paint for fabric. I'm still waiting for these to dry before I can "puff up" the 3D paint and wash it.

This is what it looked like before I started playing:

And after:

This is a close up showing the glitter paint near the bottom of the frame.
I think this piece is much improved from the addition of a bit (ok, a lot) of colour, only time will tell if the 3D and glitter paints will tolerate felting....


  1. Reading your blogs , takes me back to when I was doing this. It's lovely to be reminded and I like your experiments.

  2. Thank you Jane, I'm glad you are enjoying the trip down memory lane :o)

  3. These are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing the felting results. That last one might even work for a Jackson Pollock style :)

  4. Thank you Ruth, I see what you mean about the last one although I have few other ideas up my sleeve too, one of them involves the same batik style painting used above but in a more messy style. Will have to mull over what direction the last piece of cloth will take....