Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Feeling chuffed

Part of my New Year's non-resolution was to spend more time being creative and to that end I bought some extra annual leave from work (not cheap but I think it was worth it), so I took today as annual leave to be crafty ;o) I've had quite a productive day, finishing a low relief sample from a monoprint for my C&G course:

And started felting some rainbow dyed cotton scrim for a hooded scarf, still a way to go yet but I'm liking the colours. As usual I have wandered off brief and used a carded mix of colours instead of plain white merino tops. With some careful stitching I'm hoping I can make it reversible. This is the wooly side:

And the dyed cotton side:

I also started some samples exploring acrylic paints on prefelt, I am testing acrylic paint on their own, with an iridescent additive and both of these with and without a textile additive for acrylic paint. Then I repeated these samples on wet and dry felt. This is what they look like while I (im)patiently wait for them to dry. The bars in the middle are some commercial fabric paints. Next step is to iron fix them and see how well they stand up to felting.

Last week I had a lucky win on Ebay, I bid on 8 metres of blue silk chiffon and won it for just under £33. It's pretty shade of royal blue, actually appears to be silk (I've lost track of the number of times I have bought things on Ebay that have turned out to be something different than described) and is in good condition.

Best of all, I conducted an experiment using discharge paste on it today and it worked!! Here are the results, the white grid is where I painted the paste on. It was so easy!

I feel the urge to do some shibori discharge dyeing....

And just in case you think I forgot about the Q1 challenge, here is a sneaky peek of what it currently looks like....

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  1. I love your Q1 challenge piece :-)

  2. Thanks Jane, I am pleased with how it is developing too, I think it still needs some embroidery and possibly a few beads to make the two halves echo each other better but it is nearly "there"

  3. Wonderful challenge piece. I love the textures!

  4. I saw it earlier this week and love it!

  5. Really beautiful colors and texture.

  6. the city and guilds training is really useful
    LeeAnna Paylor

  7. Hi LeeAnn, I'm really enjoying my C&G course, it has me doing all manner of things I would never have considered on my own. Are you on a C&G course? What are/did you study?

  8. The sculptural effect that you're getting with the felted wool is dramatic--really wonderful. You are obviously inspired to be carrying on with these experiments.
    best, nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia, yes I am really enjoying the 3D elements, historically I have always been involved in 3D crafts (willow sculpture and potter) so working in 2D feels kinda "flat" ;o) to me. I have just started a third textured piece which I hope to complete and share next weekend.

  9. Love the challenge piece!